The best Web Hosting Services For Your Website in 2020

Want to have a better online presence? Looking to improve your web visibility and generate more revenue from a wider global audience? Then you need a website (or Web site, the jury is still).

If you set one, you will need a web hosting able and reliable service you can count on, that offers value for money. It is that simple.

Web hosting services are the basis on which the overwhelming proportion of sites are built. Whether you are a midsize business or a local florist, you will have the best web hosting for your needs - and that's where this guide comes in handy.

To start a web hosting service will usually give you the virtual location and tools to help you build the best possible site for your online business or hobby and make it available on the Internet. At its simplest, it is a server located in a warehouse (known as a data center) and with a special set of software

Suppliers complete most offer a full range of services: dedicated servers and management, website creator assistants, company email addresses, hosting for WordPress websites built, security and SEO features and more. They may even offer you the opportunity to build with your input, letting you focus on your heart business.

You are the best resource on the web for choosing the best web hosting service. We've covered impartial recommendations and expert advice for cheap accommodation, shared hosting, site designers, WordPress hosting providers all the way to VPS and dedicated servers.

The best overall time web hosting provider Bluehost is 2020 - we love its wide range of features and helpful (not to mention its affordable prices) and it really excels provider regarding WordPress hosting in particular. HostGator is another great versatile on the market with a seriously impressive value for money, and offering a very well presented basic plan.
Best web hosting services in 2020 in brief:
InMotion hosting
go daddy

Web hosting: we must-know tips before you start
We have checked (and re-review) is more than 100 web hosting provider - free and paid - so know what makes the best web site host. From our experience, we believe that these are the five most important things to remember when choosing your:

a. You almost always get what you pay for
If your website is mainly a hobby on the side so that should not matter. However, as an important business tool, it is often a false economy to go for the cheapest deal (or free one) are offered.

b. Beware of prices tricks
Majority of web hosting vendors offer low prices at the beginning of their contract but then jack up the prices after the introductory period is over. It could be 24, 36 or even 60 months after registering. Always looking for the total cost of ownership.

c. Just how reliable is the provider?
Just about anyone can pretend to be a real web host and just be selling other people's products. So, look to see how long they've been around, whether they have a contact address, which has them, they make unrealistic promises on the website, etc. Google is your friend.

d. Know your limits
How comfortable you to create your own website? Do you need external help to understand the consequences (including legal and commercial), which publishes one entails?

e. Consider the website builder
You do not need to be online and web hosting for website builders offer an interesting and attractive alternative. But you can not migrate your content is easy if you want to leave because of the nature of their property.

1. Bluehost Web Hosting - 4/5 - Best Overall
Our # 1 most preferred web hosting service

Taking top honors in our best web hosting charts, Bluehost is a company based in Utah that is owned by the giant web Endurance International Group (EIG). Offer basic shared hosting from $ 2.95 per month (on a three-year contract), with WordPress plan starting at $ 20 per month (although it is also an introductory rate discount).

For the money, you get an automatic setup for WordPress, not to mention other popular applications through the Marketplace Mojo system is powered. There is also a cPanel-based area to allow expert users to tweak things.

In addition, Bluehost provides website builder based Weebly. This is a basic browser-based business that allows you to create a website up to six pages, and no extras such as site templates included. But still, it's better than nothing, and more functionality in the pipeline - plus you get this builder with basic account.

There is also a good customer support that is offered, and the end result is a mix of user-friendly aspects together a good amount of strength and tweaking potential for more advanced users.

2. HostGator web hosting - 4/5 - Best value for money
Best value for money

If you're hunting for a budget web hosting, then look no further than HostGator hatchling plan. The beauty of these providers is that even a basic plan is not limited in many ways. There are no restrictions on bandwidth or disk space, subdomains, MySQL databases, FTP and email accounts.

You also get your website cPanel-based management, as well as 24/7 customer support, and $ 200 worth of credit Google and Bing Ads.

You also get your website based cPanel management, 24/7 customer support, and $ 200 worth of Google and Bing Ads credits.ans).

Further benefits include a money back guarantee 45-day, not to mention a free transfer to the new account within the first month after you enroll. There is a lot to like here given the minimal impact on your wallet, with pricing as low as $ 2.64 (£ 1.95) per month on a three-year contract.

3. InMotion web hosting - 4/5
Another incredible selection of website hosting

Popular web hosts are respected and professional operation that has been in business for over 15 years, with a range of plans offered include shared hosting starting from just a few dollars per month.

What is also nice to see is that InMotion Hosting bundle some additional fairly neatly into the plan - services that other providers often charge extra for - including those such as protection from malware and DDoS, 'spam safe "email and backup system basis, with plans ranging from $ 3.99 per month.

InMotion provides both cPanel and Softaculous panel with his hosting, and other strong suit is some top-notch technical support should you get stuck with anything. In our tests, we found that the level of performance of the company as a whole is well above average, which is good news for those who want to see a fast-loading websites.

In short, there is much to like here and some tempting price, the icing on the cake to guarantee a 90-day money back should you fail to be satisfied with the service.

4. Hostinger web hosting - 4/5 - Best for business
Best for business

Hostinger came from Lithuania and is one of the largest providers of web hosting through 000webhosting brand-free, they have over 30 million users and some of the lowest prices thanks to lower operating costs and overhead. They prefer to use their own technology (eg, they have their own customized control panel Cpanel not everywhere) to have a tighter control on performance and features.

Its lowest bid at the moment is $ 0.80 (per month) web hosting packages if you take the four-year contract, great if you want to kickstart a small online businesses but still limited because there is no domain name or bundled SSL.

Our preference goes to their business package that offers unlimited bandwidth, MySQL databases, integration of GIT, SSH, CloudFlare DDoS protection and email accounts plus daily backups (else costs), 100GB of SSD-based disk space - especially for readers of TechRadar - and SSL, all for only $ 3.45 per month when you take a four-year contract (which is just under $ 166 and a savings of $ 600 or 78%).

You get a number of colossal features too, too many to list here. Business web hosting plan also provides 4X the processing power and memory, is useful if you need a boost during peak trading periods.

5. GoDaddy web hosting - 4/5 - Best for SMEs
Best for SMEs

Web-based enterprise hosting one of the largest in the game and probably the best known one as well. It is also the largest domain name registrars in the world with tens of millions of domain names in its portfolio. GoDaddy cheapest web hosting package (Economy) decently kitted out at $ 2.49 per month if you sign up for a year.

These providers offer free backup and restore, free Microsoft Office 365 Business Email for one year, guaranteed uptime (99.9%), unlimited storage (although there is only 100GB for Economy package), as well as unlimited bandwidth and free domain name with an annual plan.

A pretty nice features provided by GoDaddy on all packages is the ability to increase the hosting capacity on demand (for instance when you experience a sudden surge in traffic) from within your hosting account.

6. The Wix website builder - 4/5 - Best website builder
Best website builder on the market

Wix is a website building service that offers an interesting range of plans and boasts some depth which is really impressive when it comes to adjusting your site to best suit your needs. This service has a user-friendly editor that bristles with content and functionality, and allows you to enhance your site in large numbers in different ways.

And there is deep across the board, so for example, when it comes to templates, you not only get the scattering of sites that have been set, but more than 500 of them. You will often find that you're spoiled for choice with Wix.

Other advanced features include integrated image editor with tons of Instagram-style filters, and a raft of e-commerce templates to boot (note that Wix does not charge you sales transactions, either, unlike some rivals).

Wix even have a free plan, though it limits the bandwidth and storage space (500MB) and put the brand on your site. Stepping into unlimited plans, the most popular subscription, and you get 10GB of storage plus a free domain, unlimited bandwidth (as the name suggests) along with $ 75 worth of vouchers Google Ads.

7. SiteGround web hosting - 4/5 - Best reseller
Best hosting reseller

Many hosting resellers focused on the most basic products and underpowered. It may keep prices low, but the lack of features will also make it more difficult to sell the plan later.

SiteGround reseller plans are a little more ambitious. Each user gets 10GB of disk space and cPanel site management, and there is unlimited bandwidth, email addresses, databases and FTP accounts. Highlights include Spam experts based spam filtering, SSL Encrypt Mari free, daily backups and integrated Cloudflare CDN.

This account costs more than the competition very low-end, but they are hardly expensive, with prices ranging from $ 3.50 per month for one year.

There is good news in this SiteGround pricing structure. Other companies often require you to pay upfront for possible resources to support hundreds of clients, whether you need the right resources at the beginning of your business, or not.

SiteGround allow the purchase of the plan in a much smaller number - five to start, 11 or more to get the best price - and is only activated when you sell it. If you buy 20 plans now, for example, they will never end. Do you sell in a day, week or month, each will still get a year of hosting from the date the account was launched or renewed.

How do you manage and run the business is up to you, but SiteGround offers a simple control panel to review your account (there is a tutorial here), and a choice of white label and private Ensuring DNS enhancement you can use your own brand everywhere.

8. Hostwinds web hosting - 4/5 - Best dedicated hosting
Best dedicated hosting

Hostwinds offers a range of dedicated servers with powerful configuration options for any of the public for heavy duty use, which makes them ideal for hosting from the company website to the game server.

There are some basic options to choose from, which you can then customize it according to your preferences. The cheapest model has a single quad-core processors and start with at least 8GB of RAM, which will make them ideal for most uses ordinary.

However, more expensive (but price competitive) models offer multiple processors and up to sixteen cores, as well as the selection of the highest 82GB RAM, making this a potentially serious workhorses able to handle the most demanding tasks.

The price is not clear, however - the initial list price displayed by each model did not factor in the RAM and the number of IP. This means if you click on the option to "adjust" the price of the server clearly shown in the blue box will show the total cost in accordance with which RAM and IP options are selected by default.

If not, there is a good set of additional options are available for customization, with a different RAID configurations and a number of operating systems are available, from standard CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu or Fedora option, and the option of Windows Server.

A 1Gbps network links where bandwidth means that the option you choose (all generous) You do not have to worry about traffic choking on your end.

full server management is provided, which will be useful for those who do not want to get overwhelmed by the sys admin tasks, with both monitoring and nightly backup server is also provided as part of the service.

If there is one criticism it is that the control panel such as cPanel, Plesk, or Exim not supplied as standard, which can simplify many operations server to the user, but if you contact Hostwinds they will be happy to advise on selection as an addon if you do not feel comfortable with setting up one's own.

9. Weebly web hosting - 4/5 - Best free website builder
Ideal for those looking for a free website builder

Such as Wix, Weebly is another giant in the arena of building a website, and also gives you the option of a free plan - even though the same one limited to 500MB of storage. You will also get advertising on your site, so if you want to be free of advertising Weebly-worn, you have to go up to the entry-level pay plan that costs $ 6.80 per month.

Starter package has no ads or storage limits, and you also get a free domain. Furthermore, what is good enough for those thinking of selling goods online is that there is also support for web shops (although the base containing a maximum of 10 products).

Plans chunkier give a ton of features that allow you to build a web store high-end with support for coupons, customer reviews, inventory management - a top-of-the-range performance plan also caters for gift cards, cart abandonment and email campaigns (costs $ 35 per month).

Weebly's variety of style website template is a real boon, but there are a few niggles here with editor interface, such as a general lack of an undo function. However, little loss does not detract from the excellent website building service-feature.

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