Best Web Hosting Provider for Musicians and Bands!

So, you and your band are thinking about taking things to the next level and start promoting your music on the internet.

One of the best ways to do this is to build a website because this will not only allow you to send people there to listen to your music, find out when the next coming gigs, etc ...
But it would also give the band a much more professional image, which is definitely something you want to do.

I personally have used several hosting providers, from the most inexpensive even some of the premium that lightning-fast ...

This is why I am only going to tell you about the people that I have used and what I do-and do not like about each.

It is worthy to note that there are hundreds of hosting providers out there and most of them provide similar services ...

The problem is that some provide a service that is almost the same, but they cost almost twice as much.

So, today I'm going to go to the best depends on what your needs are, from cheap to not so cheap, and of the kind of slow to very fast.

But first, there's one important thing I need to cover

Get a domain for your website
Without a domain, you do not have a website.

Most providers Hosting gives the option to purchase the domain whenever you choose a hosting plan ...

But you do not have to go to this ...

You should always keep your domain and hosting separate.

If you buy a domain with your hosting provider, it would be much more difficult to migrate perform different hosts, if you feel the need to ...

This is why I would recommend you get your domain registrar's website domain.

Here is what I would recommend;
Domain registrar is great and allows you to easily redirect DNS to another host if you feel the need to migrate your site.

Let's get right to the hosting provider now ...


This is my first ever hosting provider!

The reason? ...

They are cheap, plus visits per month limit is much higher than in other hosting providers even though they are charging you less money.

Important note: Be sure to click the "Web Hosting" on the menu and not "WordPress Hosting" ...

This is because one of the latter is much more expensive although you can still install WordPress once you hire one of the web hosting.

Plus, you can only host three sites with the most expensive plan, while on the other hand you can host unlimited websites on the "Baby" plan under the "Web Hosting" at half price.

I will not even think about hiring a business plan if I just build a website for my band, it's just overkill.

So, actually two viable choice is the hatchling and baby plans ...

Important note: All prices present a discount but only in the first run.

This means that if you hire a plan 36 months, as soon as the plan to renew it will be much more expensive just because they discount does not apply anymore.

It is usually about twice as much ...

The same thing applies if you want to upgrade from one plan, said the plan hatchlings, with the Baby plan.

You will get the first at a discount, but you will not get a discount on the upgrade ...

So, think carefully when deciding what plan to go to.

The plan, which should you choose?
To properly choose a hosting plan you especially have to think about these three things;

How many visits do you expect?
Do you need more than one site?
What is your budget?
How many visits do you expect?
25,000 visits may seem like a lot, and in some cases, it is ...

But think about what happens when you share your music on social media.

If only one of your social media posts go viral, you can expect a large influx in traffic in absolutely no time ...

It will take your monthly limit very quickly.

However, you can also upgrade to the next plan immediately if your website is to reach the limit.

With the Baby plan you can get up to 200,000 visits MANY ... if you ever get close to that number then you probably do very well!


Do you need more than one website?
This is clearly not the case for everyone, but you might also think about creating an additional website, may be for personal use or to promote other bands that were on.

In this case you should really choose the Baby plan because it allows you to host an unlimited number of sites.

The hatchling plan, on the other hand, only allows for one ...

And last…

What is your budget?
First let me say that I think you should get a 36-month plan, no matter whether you choose a hatchling or baby plans ...

This is for the simple fact that a large discount and you get three years worth of hosting, then you can upgrade to a better provider and faster hosting.

But, if you are on a very tight budget, then the hatchling plan is one you should go for.

If not, I think that the Baby plan just better overall.

Pro from Hostgator
1. You can upload files to the "File Manager" up to 500MB and people can download without any limit ...

What this means for you is that you can upload your CD and have people download them without any restrictions.

I even contacted the support team to confirm this and they did.

I do not, however, tested the download speed.

More 2. Many visits per month for less money than almost any other hosting providers.

3. Customer service was actually pretty good.

4. Reliable: I did not even have 1 minute of downtime in three years that I have used their services.

5. $ 100 worth of Bing and Google Ads credit (for each) that you can use to run ads for your band.

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